Friday, October 8, 2010

The volunteers with Aim Abroad went to see the Commonwealth Games in India today! They went to the central area in Delhi where they can observe the games, and also see some sites in Delhi and shop in the neighborhood. They will come back on Sunday evening, I am sure with plenty of stories to share with the host family. Two other volunteers went to the street children project, where they will teach the children, focusing on English and computing classes. One of the volunteers has expressed interest in donating some supplies for the street children school, so we are very excited to help her with her mission! We are aware that the school is in need of some new uniforms, so perhaps with her donations we can purchase several dozens of uniforms for the children. As she decides how she would like to make the donation, I will be certain to write about it! In the photo, you can see more of the children who study at this school!

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