Friday, October 29, 2010

Orphanage Project

Here is a photo taken yesterday morning, as the children had gotten ready for school and the volunteers were ready to walk with the children to school. The volunteers wake up around 6AM every morning to help wake up the children, have breakfast with them, and get them ready for school. After walking with the children to school, they come back to the host family to spend time with the family and then rest. In the afternoon, they pick up the children from classes, and take them to the park to play around and exercise. Then, when they return from the park, they separately finish their homework, with the volunteers' help whenever they wish. The oldest child, Rajat (second row, second child from the left), really loves one of our volunteers from the US, and he has dedicated the rest of his time here to spending time with Rajat, as he desperately seeks good male role models, like my husband and this volunteer. Yesterday he spent a few hours with Rajat practicing English and dictations, which immediately excited Rajat and made him enthusiastic about wanting to study! Today he will spend a lot of time with Rajat as well, from 4PM, to continue his studies and spend time with him.

The other volunteers, especially those from the US, Canada, and from Barcelona, have taken an interest in creating a few posters for the orphanage. They have spent the entire evening writing meticulous descriptions of each child, to help the volunteers get to know the children, along with descriptive details for the children's chores and the volunteers' responsibilities. They have worked on the text for these posters in both English and Spanish, to help the volunteers who come from many different countries. They have also made a list of rules, written in both English and Hindi, that will help the children gain more discipline and practice their English understanding as well. Today they will complete the posters, and hopefully they will be able to put them in the orphanage today! As soon as they are ready I will take the pictures and post them here!

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