Thursday, October 7, 2010

Current Volunteers with Aim Abroad

Today, two of the volunteers with Aim Abroad went to the hospital to continue their volunteer work in India. At the hospital, they will work mostly with a gynecologist and a pediatrician, but they will also visit some of the other branches in the hospital to gain more exposure to medical practices and the health care system here in India. Three other volunteers went to the school for street children, where they have been focusing on English teaching, and they have been specifically interested in giving the children care and attention, which they cannot find at their homes. After they finish their projects, the volunteers will go back to the host family home for lunch, and possibly watch the new Bollywood film, Anjaana Anjaani (meaning Strangers). Last night, a few volunteers went to the mall with the orphans at one of the orphanages, where the children rode their first escalator, went to the cinema for the first time ever, and saw the movie Dabangg (meaning Fearless), which both the volunteers and orphans enjoyed. Afterwards, the children went to McDonald's for the first time, which they did not enjoy as much as the volunteers hoped! But, even so, the children still enjoyed their experience with the volunteers. In the photo, you can see some of the orphans with my children and a family friend at the orphanage. This weekend, a few volunteers are contemplating going to the Commonwealth Games to watch some of the events, particularly Gymnastics and Swimming. The event should be exciting!

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