Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Karva Chauth Holiday and Traveling in Rural Haryana

We have a new addition to our orphanage as of last night! This child, Sonu, has adjusted instantly to the orphanage, quickly established relationships with the other children, and has even begun his first day of classes today without any breaks in routine as if he had been living in the orphanage for several months or years! His mother had passed away several years ago, and his father is terminally ill with Tuberculosis, so we have given him the best we can offer as a new resident in our home. We are very thrilled to be able to offer such an opportunity to a truly needy individual!

In the photo above, one of the volunteers visited a small town in Haryana called Jhajjar. He went with his host family to visit family in Jhajjar, and they went together to Gurukul, a place where students learn Hindi, Sanskrit, and about Hinduism, almost completely distant and separate from the rest of civilization. The first picture is at the students' meditation area, and the second picture was taken as the children were washing their clothes outside. The volunteer really enjoyed his trip with the host family and visiting a new city in Haryana!

Today, the volunteers are celebrating the holiday of Karva Chauth! Some volunteers will be going to Hindu temples in Delhi NCR with their host families, while others will spend the day with the host families to observe the traditions that they will observe this evening. The holiday celebrates marriage, and married women observe a fast from the morning upon seeing the moon, when the husband feeds his wife her first morsel of food for the day. This Hindu holiday honors the sacred bond of marriage and demonstrates the dedication that family members have for one another. We would like to wish all married women around the world a "Karva Chauth kee Shubhkaamnayein," or Happy Karva Chauth!

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