Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teaching English in Delhi NCR and Diwali Preparations

Last night was one of our volunteer's final night with us, after a one-week stay at the volunteering program here in Delhi NCR. The children at the orphanage were sad to see her go, but this volunteer has really helped move things in a positive direction for the children, and they will never forget the impact that she has made here, in such little time! We are certain we will see her here again volunteering with us! Here is a photo of one of the two cupboards that she donated, as it is all settled in the orphanage now!

This morning, three volunteers went to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple for the weekend, as our two volunteers from Barcelona stayed back to help out at the orphanage on their last day with us. They went at 7:00AM to the orphanage, to take the children to the park and exercise with the children. After exercising and having breakfasts, our newest volunteer, also from Barcelona, with another volunteer, from the US, went to the orphanage to teach the children English homework. The smallest children practiced writing the alphabet, mostly only uppercase letters, and one child, who is a bit older, practiced dictation, writing words that the volunteer reads aloud (like "Book, look, took, rice, nice, fight, light, log, hot, mop," etc.). After finishing their work, the children enjoyed a snack, and began to color some "Looney Tunes" coloring book pages, which the children loved! Two of the eldest children, Rajat and Muskan, were painting their "Diya" for Diwali! These clay "Diya," or lamps, are decorated to celebrate the return of Lord Ram to his home in Ayodhya, after having defeated Ravan, the symbol of evil in Hinduism. When the Diya are ready we will post some pictures!

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