Monday, October 11, 2010

Fir Milenge, or "See you later" in Hindi!

Just a few hours ago, one of our volunteers have left after her three-week volunteer work with Aim Abroad. She was very sad to leave this country, her new family, and all of the volunteers that she met, that she was crying on her way to the airport. The other volunteers went with her to the airport to spend time with her, as they grew very close during her volunteering period with them. It is always very sad for us to say goodbye as well, so instead we always say "Fir milenge" (we'll meet again)!

Otherwise, today a few volunteers went to a school for disabled children, where they spent time with the orphans who live at the school: the school has limited accommodations for the students; however, some students have been disowned by families, and they remain at the school, with their new families. In the photo you can see one of our volunteers, Sonia, from Barcelona, Spain, while she visits this school for disabled children. A few other volunteers went to a different school for disabled children as well in another area in Delhi NCR, while two volunteers went to their new volunteering placement in an all-girls' orphanage. This evening, five of the volunteers went with one of the host family's children to the local market in Delhi NCR, where they bought the children some new clothes and ice cream! One of the children, who is nine years old, helped a volunteer get alterations to her new saree as well, which she bought here in India! It was a nice day, though bittersweet to say "farewell" to one of our volunteers.

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