Monday, October 25, 2010

Donations to the Orphanage in Delhi NCR!

Yesterday, one of our special guests had decided to purchase some cupboards for the children in the orphanage! Her donation was really thoughtful and generous, and the children were extremely happy to start organizing their personal things in their first private area for themselves! In the photo, you can see our volunteer Shyann, in both photos, with the cupboards she donated to the orphanage and some of her new friends, the other volunteers! While the children were at the nearby park, where they were on Ferris Wheel rides, the cupboards were delivered to their home. The children came back from a wonderful Sunday evening in the park, filled with snacks, a full course dinner, and some ice cream, only to return home to the surprise of the new cupboards in the home! Our orphanage is looking more and more like a cozy home, and we can see that the quality of the children's routine lives is not being compromised, though they are orphaned children.

Today, three of our medical volunteers went to a local general hospital in Delhi NCR, which focuses on pediatrics and gynecology. Two of our volunteers from Barcelona, who are trained nurses, have gone to another hospital, which specializes in surgical procedures and gynecology: They have given the host family and doctors at the hospital advice for improving the quality of care they provide to their patients, and they are constantly planning ways to offer their services or any extra supplies to these hospitals in need. Another volunteer, who also happens to be a trained nurse from the UK, went to a charitable hospital, where she will assist the hospital, since they have an overwhelming number of patients and few health care providers who work for this charity. Other volunteers have gone to street children projects to teach children English and Computing. The projects have been running very smoothly and have greatly been benefitting from the help of the volunteers!

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