Saturday, October 9, 2010

Navratra kee Shubhkamnaayein!

Some volunteers with Aim Abroad went to central Delhi today for an afternoon of sightseeing and shopping, while others are enjoying observing the Commonwealth Games! The volunteers wanted to go to Connaught Place, the major shopping district in Delhi, but today at Connaught Place the shops will be closed because of a cycle race, for the Commonwealth Games, scheduled throughout the neighborhood. Instead, the volunteers will spend some time at Chandni Chowk and perhaps Sarojni markets, both very affordable markets in Delhi where high quality items can be found. 

Otherwise, Aim Abroad would like to welcome everybody a "Navratra kee shubhkamnaayein!" ("Happy Navratri"). This holiday, which started yesterday, lasts for nine days, during which many Hindus fast during hours of sunlight, to commemorate the same fast, which the people of Ayodhya observed. Today, one of our volunteers is attending a special event at a friend's home, where the Ramayan, a Hindu sacred text, will be read aloud, from start to finish, within a twenty four hour period. The book must be read quite speedily, as it is about 2000 pages in length! Though the even will run for twenty four hours, people will stop by and spend time with others while the Ramayan is being read aloud. Two or three main readers will switch back and forth with the readings. The volunteer is quite excited about this event, as he knows little about the holiday and the Ramayan!

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