Saturday, October 16, 2010

Volunteering and Travels to Shimla

This week at Aim Abroad the projects have been going very well! One volunteer, from the US, came with funds that she had raised for donations to the volunteering projects! She went this week with one of the teachers from the school to purchase book-bags for each child at the school (there are about 250 children who study at this school). Other volunteers have been going to the school for disabled children, where they have been spending time with these children during the festival season of Navratra. Two other volunteers have been visiting an all-girls' orphanage during this festival season as well, where they have been spending time playing with the children and helping them with their English communication. Another pair of volunteers has been volunteering at a local hospital here in Delhi NCR, where they have been learning from a gynecologist and a pediatrician in particular, along with other practices in the hospital. One of our volunteers from the US, who has been here since June, had gone to visit Shimla for a short vacation, with a very close friend. He had a wonderful stay in the Himalayas, and he has given us some photos to post on the blog! Here is a photo taken at Kufri, a popular tourist destination in Shimla.

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