Sunday, October 24, 2010

About our Orphanage

In the photo, my daughter (left) is with one of the orphans, Muskan (right).

I wanted to thank the current volunteers who have been here, during this pivotal time for Aim Abroad. The volunteers have been extremely helpful at our orphanage, making sure the children are in great hands and teaching them with dedication. We can see that the children are learning much more English, and have been establishing healthier relationships amongst each other and with adult figures as well. Our volunteers have been cooking, cleaning, helping the children with all of their chores, taking them to school each day, playing with them in the parks, and even taking out the children for excursions. When we see volunteers with such commitment such as Elisabeth, María José, Silvia, Elisabeth (all from Barcelona), and Shyann (from the US), it really inspires the children to make something really special out of their lives and overcome their unfortunate circumstances. I am very proud to be involved in this cause of helping the needy!

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