Sunday, February 13, 2011

New School with Aim Abroad!

We are sorry that we have been unable to post this week, but things have been very busy here in Delhi NCR as our volunteering programs are expanding and helping more people in need! We have some wonderful news as well! This week, we have been working on opening a school for slum-children in the neighborhood, and we have received the funding for start-up costs! We plan to open the school close to an area of very needy people, who cannot afford food or basic amenities for their families. Most of these families prefer not to send their children to school, as they would rather have the children work or earn money. We plan to offer the children at the school one meal daily, school supplies, and a set of school clothes and shoes for the summer and winter, to help persuade local parents to enroll their children in our school (for free) and invest in their own children's education and future! For the past few weeks, we have been meeting with some real estate agents to find an affordable yet convenient location for our mission, and we believe today we have found the right spot! Here is a picture of a girl nearby, who we believe will be one of our future students! We are very much looking forward to this endeavor to reach out to help more people in a different way, as this can help sustain children who have families yet are trapped without a means for education.

Also, the volunteers who went to Delhi this past weekend had a great trip. They described that they changed their itinerary a bit while on the road, and went to Chandni Chowk and Red Fort, otherwise known as "Laal kilaa" in Hindi, reserving Sunday for a trip to Connaught Place and the Lotus Temple before heading back to their host families with Aim Abroad!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Volunteers in Delhi and Weekend Plans

This weekend a group of three volunteers went to the central area in Delhi to visit some of the tourist attractions such as Delhi's famous Qutab Minar, the Lotus Temple, and Connaught Place, Delhi's famous shopping district. The volunteers headed out early in the morning, and we are certain they will have an interesting time, as other volunteers had advised them based on their previous traveling experiences. Also, this morning, a pair of volunteers went to the orphanage to help the children get ready for their half-day at school today. In the afternoon, a few of them will go with the children to Town Park, a very nice park in the area! I have attached a photo from when the volunteers took a few of the children from the orphanage over to the park a few months ago. We are looking forward to a nice day with everyone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Volunteering at the Orphanage

At Aim Abroad, our volunteers have been continuing their work with us, especially with the orphanage and our newest addition, Khushi ji! One of our volunteers has been diligently waking up every morning at 7:00AM to help the children get ready for school. She has been with us for about five months, and her hard work and dedication are much appreciated by all of us, especially the children! After school, the children spend time with the rest of the volunteers, as they improve their English communication, which is a long, but worthwhile work in progress! Also, some volunteers are making plans to visit the main areas in Delhi on the weekend, and visit some of the tourist sites such as the Lotus Temple and Connaught Place, Delhi's major shopping district. We are looking forward to their exciting plans as it's always nice to explore every facet of the volunteering experience while in a foreign country!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Child at our Orphanage!

We have been very busy with Aim Abroad this past month, and thus we had not had time to update our blog in a while! We are sorry about this, but we hope to continue to be able to post as often as possible, as we want to keep everyone updated about our volunteering projects and programs! Firstly, we have some wonderful news! We have a new addition to our orphanage, Khushi, age 3! She is the second girl we have hosted at our orphanage, and now Muskan (holding Khushi in one picture) has a new friend who is a girl! We have all been very happy together, but with the new addition to our family, our work has increased a lot! The other kids have been adjusting well with Khushi ji (a respectful way to refer to Khushi in Hindi), and the volunteers have been enjoying working with a new individual as well! Our volunteers, in the mean time, have been continuing their volunteering projects in the orphanages and the medical projects, and a few have been volunteering at the schools for the children who live in slum areas. Mostly the volunteers have been working with our orphanage, since we have been making adjustments with Khushi ji, but everyone is having a nice time while we are all working together to make advancements!