Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Children Play in Park and Diwali Approaches

Yesterday one of our volunteers from the US and another from Barcelona took the children from the orphanage to a local park in the morning for a few hours. The children were ecstatic to be with the volunteers and venture into the large park, where they played on swings, monkey bars, slides, and even rides! here are some photos of the children while they were enjoying their day in the park!

Today the volunteers walked the children to school, as it is their last day of school this week because of the festival of Diwali! During this holiday, nearly everyone in Delhi NCR, where we are, will celebrate the holiday with massive fireworks all throughout the night! We will celebrate the holiday with the volunteers, family, and orphans, by having a Pooja ceremony (the Hindi word for "prayer" or "worship") together, and then celebrating by lighting the Diya and fireworks. We have even decorated our homes with lights, just like Christmas lights, to prepare for the holiday. We are really looking forward to spending this holiday together!


  1. Love reading your blog posts, Kranti!

  2. Hi Kranti! How I miss the childrens and all of you!!! Thank you for everything, we'll keep in touch! Elisabet from Sapin.