Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cows in Haryana and Volunteers Plans

Here is another picture from Jhajjar, in Haryana, when one of our volunteers went with his host family to visit extended family in Jhajjar. The picture was taken at Gurukul, where there is a cow shed. Each cow produces between twenty to forty liters of milk each day!

Last night the volunteers in one host family home enjoyed a nice Karva Chauth, with a traditional Hindu Pooja (prayer ceremony) to conclude the fast and holiday. At the orphanage, the children have been doing very well, and they enjoyed watching  the Disney movie,"The Aristocats" on TV, in Hindi, along with a new Bollywood film, Dabangg, which recently premiered in theaters in India. Today, the volunteers awoke early and helped the children with their chores. After making breakfast, the volunteers walked the children to school, and came back to discuss with the host family ways to improve the orphanage. Today the volunteers decided that they will work on some rules for the orphanage to help maintain as routine a schedule for the children as possible. They will get a large poster, markers, and decorations to design these rules in a kid-friendly approach, so that they can associate the rules with things that they enjoy, such as attractive colors or entertaining designs. The rules will be written in both English and Hindi as well, which should be interesting for the volunteers to learn how to say new phrases in Hindi too! Since the children are in school now, the volunteers are on their way to the major shopping district in Delhi, as it is one of their last days here in India. Hopefully they will make some great purchases and find some great sales during the holiday season, especially as Diwali approaches!

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