Wednesday, September 1, 2010



It has been quite some time since our last post, but we have been very busy here with the volunteering projects in India! I will give a brief summary of what we have been doing since the last post.

We have been continuing the volunteering at the street children's schools (see photos!). The children have been improving in their English, as well as enjoying their time in school with their friends and the volunteers from around the world.

Some volunteers have been going to the school for disabled children, and they have been donating wonderful toys and games for activities to stimulate their minds.

Volunteers have also started teaching at a charitable school in Delhi NCR, where the school teaches around 800 students. The volunteers have really enjoyed interacting with these children, and the students have been quite happy to meet foreigners from around the world at their very own school!

Volunteers have been attending the medical projects, including two charitable hospitals, and two volunteers even observed a Cesarian-birth and a hernia operation!

Those volunteers who have been working in orphanages in Delhi NCR have been teaching plenty of English to the children, and even some Spanish, to enrich their cultural awareness!

Tomorrow, a group of four volunteers will be traveling to Ajmer and Pushkar, while four other volunteers will go to Amritsar and Dharamsala. The volunteers are getting ready for their trips, and we look forward to hearing about their trips when they arrive back at the host family homes this weekend and next week!

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