Saturday, September 18, 2010

Volunteers traveling to Rishikesh!

At Aim Abroad, the volunteers are enjoying their time while here in India! Last night, after the volunteering projects ended, three volunteers from the US enjoyed watching a Bollywood film, Tere Bin Laden ("Without your Bin Laden"), that one of the volunteers purchased from the DVD store. The film was a comedy, and they thought the movie was enjoyable. Today, they will go to central Delhi to go to the US Embassy for a toga party: As they will already be in the central area, they will visit Palika Market in Connaught Place to shop around and spend time in one of the nicest shopping districts in Delhi. Afterwards, they will head out to Rishikesh, where they will most likely go white water rafting, and be in the yoga capital of India. If they have time, the volunteers will likely visit Haridwar as well, which is nearby. Both cities are in Uttarakhand, and I have attached a photo from when one of our volunteers from Barcelona, Raquel, went to Shimla, capital of the state Uttarakhand. Afterwards, when they return, they will begin the computing class with the school for underprivileged children. We are really looking forward to this new opportunity for the children!

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