Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Volunteer work in India

Last night, just minutes before the dance party at the host family, the volunteers who traveled to Rishikesh this past weekend came back from their trip! The six volunteers at the host family went to sing happy birthday, have cake, dance to very popular Bollywood songs, and even show their own dance moves from the West to the Indian girls at the host family home! The volunteers were a bit shy dancing, but one of them danced the entire night with the family! 

This morning, a volunteer from Denmark and another from Canada went to the street children project to do volunteer work with the Indian children in Grade 2. Yesterday evening, three volunteers went to the street children's school's coordinator's home, where they sat in a presentation. The company, HCL, has created an interactive computer software for teaching English, Math, Social Sciences, and Science. The volunteers and teachers who listened to the presentation had mixed feelings, but in general were impressed, and thought about whether the software would be useful. The school does not have the funding to implement the program; however, they will get in touch with the corporate offices to see if they can perform their social duty and help a struggling school. We are very enthusiastic about the software, and hope that they will be able to implement the technology to improve the children's education. In the photo, there is one volunteer, Raquel from barcelona, with the children who go to this very school.

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