Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cake Night and Volunteering Programs

This Sunday, two of our volunteers from Barcelona, Tania and Raquel, have gone back home to Spain. They stayed with us for five weeks, volunteering in Delhi NCR with the teaching programs with the children from slum areas mostly. They also spent about two weeks volunteering in the hospitals, assisting in surgeries, and learning about medical practices and the Indian health care system. Additionally, they volunteered in Shimla for a week, where they taught at a local school in the setting of the breathtaking Himalayas. Afterwards, they returned to Delhi NCR to finish their last week of the volunteering program. As they became a part of our family, we organized a mini-party for the volunteers with a wonderful fresh fruit cake! The two were very sad to go and were saying that they see themselves making another trip back to India!

On Monday, Jessica, from the US, and Marion, from Belgium, went to the orphanage for girls in Delhi NCR again, and spent a lot of time with the children at the orphanage. Meanwhile, two other volunteers went to a government hospital to assist with surgeries. The two observed and assisted with a Cesarian birth, which they described as a truly special experience! Otherwise, they observed an intestinal surgery, a still-birth procedure, and another small procedure. After they returned from the hospital, they came back to the host family home for lunch, and rested. Later, a volunteer from the US, went with a volunteer from Belgium to a local temple, which was very interesting for her, as she didn't know much about Hinduism and Hindu temples. In the evening, all of us had a fun evening of Parcheesi and cards, before having dinner!

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