Saturday, September 4, 2010

Teaching at the Charitable School

Today two new volunteers with Aim Abroad, Marion (from Belgium) and Jessica (from the US), are volunteering at an orphanage in Delhi NCR for orphaned girls. In the morning they ate traditional North Indian bread pakodas with the host family as they drank chai. The orphanage is close to a famous market in the neighborhood, and the girls and volunteers are likely to spend some time there as well, once they finish their volunteer work at the orphanage. Marion, who arrived two days ago, went to a charitable school in Delhi NCR, where she assisted a teacher with her classes, with special focus on English grammar and communication. In the photo is one of our previous volunteers, Sonia, who taught at the same charitable school just a few weeks ago. Aside from Marion and Jessica, the other volunteers are still traveling in Rajasthan and in the north (the group who went to Amritsar and then other cities). Next week there will be more volunteers together, so we are excited for them all to meet each other!

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