Monday, September 27, 2010

Summary of our Volunteer Work in India

Volunteers with Aim Abroad have gone to the street children program and one of the local clinics in Delhi NCR for volunteer work today. The volunteers who visited the street children project went to help teach the children computer processing and spend time with these extremely underprivileged children. The volunteers have been teaching computing from a text book, and they will hopefully be able to start teaching with a real computer so that the children can see how to apply a theoretical approach of computer's education with a hands-on method of seeing how to apply their learned material in front of a computer. We have seen that some preparations for the computer course for the children are under way, but the teachers would like to offer as much as possible for the children. I will update more about the computer course and how the children's studies are going. For now, though the children study in a park outside, they have been taking exams to keep up with their curriculum of the Indian government's standards, and the children have been quite successful with all of the help from the teachers and the volunteers. In the photo, you can see the children at their school just as school is about to start.

Two other volunteers went to one of the local clinics in Delhi NCR, where they will work with a gynecologist, a pediatrician, and several nurses and other health care professionals. The volunteers have been to this clinic once before, and gave wonderful feedback: that they would like to continue the volunteering project in the hospital. The volunteers felt that the doctors spent a lot of time with the volunteers to help explain medical concepts in depth, to help spark more interest in the volunteers' interest in a future profession in medicine. After finishing their project today, the volunteers will go to the host family home for lunch, and two will go to a local mall in Delhi NCR. This weekend, three of our volunteers went to Agra, and had a great time traveling around India as a group of friends. Otherwise, the projects have been going very well, and we are looking forward to all of the improvements the projects have been making with all of the help from the volunteers!

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