Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Current Volunteer Work in Delhi NCR

Yesterday the volunteer work with Aim Abroad included two of our volunteers helping with a delivery! Two girls from the US went to a local hospital in Delhi NCR to help mostly at a gynecologist's office and at a pediatrician's office. At the gynecological ward, they observed the birth, and helped the nurses with taking care of the newborn baby. In Indian culture, it is believed that the first person who feeds a baby has a connection with the child, and the child will grow up to have a similar personality as the person who feeds her or him. One of our volunteers was able to feed this newborn baby for the first time and take part in this tradition! The nurses, doctors, and parents were happy to give the volunteer this opportunity, and she was quite ecstatic about the experience of feeding this twenty-minute old baby for the first time! After all of the volunteers finished at their projects (three other volunteers went to the school for underprivileged children), they met at a local mall and walked to a very nice market in the neighborhood. After they finished at the market, the volunteers decided to have a rickshaw race! Two volunteers went in one cycle rickshaw, two in a second rickshaw (which left about one minute after the first rickshaw left), and finally one volunteer went in the third rickshaw. The second rickshaw to leave the market ended up winning the race! In the photo, you can see what these rickshaws look like as one of our previous volunteers, Roger from Barcelona, sits on a rickshaw in Jaipur (although the rickshaws in Delhi NCR did not have a sunshade). After their short rickshaw race through Delhi NCR, the volunteers went back to the host family home, enjoyed their dinner, and watched "Mean Girls" with the host family after making some popcorn. Everyone really enjoyed their day with Aim Abroad yesterday!

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  1. SO COOl! so jealous, i love indian people!