Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School for Disabled Children

The monsoon in India is still going on! In at least the past thirty years, if not longer, the monsoon has never stayed in India this late! We have had much rain the past few days, and it doesn't seem like it will stop any day soon. The volunteers, however, have been enjoying the host family atmosphere during monsoon season. Many times, families sit together and play cards, drink chai, eat pakodas, samosas, or kachoris on these special occasions. The temperature has been very favorable too, especially in the evenings.

Today, though the remnant puddles of the monsoon cover the roads, the volunteers, one from Denmark and one from Canada, went to a school for disabled children in Delhi NCR. At the school, they will teach the children in English and Mathematics in particular, and will play games and do activities which help stimulate their minds. In the photo, one of our previous volunteers from Barcelona, Roger, went to volunteer at this school for disabled children. After the project ends in the afternoon, the volunteers will go back to their host family home to have lunch with the host family. This evening, there will be a birthday party for a set of twins in one of the host families! The twins, both who study in college, have decided there would be a dance party in their room at midnight tonight, and they are looking forward to the event!

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