Monday, July 26, 2010

Teaching Underprivileged Children

This weekend three volunteers, two from England and one from Spain, went to Delhi. In Delhi, they went to Connaught Place, the major shopping district, which the volunteers really enjoyed They stayed in Pahar Ganj, and visited Jamma Masjid and Red Fort as well. Four other volunteers, three from  the US and one from France, went to Jaipur, the Pink City in Rajasthan: they particularly enjoyed the Amber Fort and the observatory area in Jaipur. 

This past week, the volunteers mostly worked with the street children program and the disabled children's school. At the street children school, the teachers organized a special day at the local park: Buses took the children to the park, where they could go on rides and play in the open area. Seven volunteers accompanied the children and the teachers to the park, and they all had a marvelous time with the children. The next day, the volunteers and the children had an assembly, where the children would ask the volunteers all different questions about life in their home countries and about any customs they practice. Some of the children even asked questions like "What is your favorite color" or "What do you eat for breakfast," but most of the children also asked interesting questions too. The volunteers also had a chance to ask the children anything they wanted, which really helped them learn more about Indian culture. The teachers helped interpret for the children who were unable to understand what they said, but the children, volunteers, and children all agreed that the experience was truly special.

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