Sunday, July 4, 2010

Akshardham Temple

Yesterday the volunteers with Aim Abroad went to the Akshardham Temple in Delhi! A group of seven volunteers, four from England, one from Spain, and two from the United States went together to see the temple. They had breakfast early in the morning with the host family, and then headed out for the temple. Once they reached the temple, they walked throughout the entire complex, which really amazed them. They described visiting the temple as if visiting a building like the Taj Mahal a few years after it was constructed. Though the temple was not complete in its construction, the volunteers were truly inspired by visiting such a wonderful and spiritual place, where they were around other tourists, Indian and foreign alike! The volunteer from Spain mentioned that someone who worked at the gift shop even practiced some Spanish with her, as she was used to seeing so many tourists from Spain. After the volunteers finished visiting the temple, they enjoyed a delicious lunch at the temple and had some ice cream to quell the heat. AFter they left the temple, they returned to the host family home to prepare for the street children projects. Some volunteers have been learning some Hindi to practice with the children as well!

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