Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Events with Aim Abroad

Many of the volunteers with Aim Abroad went to travel today!  Four volunteers went to Agra, where they will tour around the city and observe the Taj Mahal. In the evening, two of the volunteers will return back to the host family, while the other two volunteers will travel around India, as their volunteering projects have finished. Another group of volunteers went to the tourist areas in Delhi: They will visit Delhi's Red Fort and then shop around Chandni Chowk, around the beautiful mosque called Jamma Masjid. In the evening, they made arrangements so that they could stay in a hotel in Connought Place in Delhi, so that they can wake up early and visit Delhi's famous shopping district. The remaining two volunteers with us , who are participating in the language and culture program, went to see a Bollywood Film, Rajneeti (the word for "politics" in Hindi), in the local movie theater. After they finish the movie, they will come back to the host family house for lunch, and then will go to the Aim Abroad language teacher's home to continue their Hindi classes. These volunteers love learning about Indian culture and Hindi, and are constantly practicing their new vocabulary with me and my family! They were very excited to learn some Hindi grammar, although for a one-week introduction to Hindi they describe that the grammar isn't too technical, it is the right amount to learn as a traveler in India. They are looking forward to volunteering and practicing their new-found Hindi up in the mountains in Himachal Pradesh soon. To prepare for their trip, they will go to the market near the language teacher's house after the classes finish. Finally, they will return back to the host family's home, and will spend ample time with the family and eat dinner together.

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