Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This past weekend, two volunteers with Aim Abroad stayed in the main tourist area of Delhi during their free time. They had already visited Delhi twice during their language and culture program with AIm Abroad, but wanted to go back for the weekend for some shopping. In Delhi, they went to Connaught Place, a very nice area for affordable shopping of very high quality items. They came back with several pearl necklaces, several pashminas, and even some marble items for gifts. They spent less than $100 in all of their shopping, but they said that they had bought gifts for around ten different people with all of the great deals they had found in Delhi! They did comment, though, on one funny interaction with a rickshaw driver when they were in Delhi! They describe that, from the hotel, they had searched for several rickshaws with affordable prices, but most of them were grossly overcharging them (a ride for $0.50 was appropriate, but they were charging a minimum of $1.50). When they finally found a rickshaw for the right price, they knew they had to specify one more thing: They explained that they didn't want to go and stop somewhere else along the way. Many times rickshaw drivers in tourist cities will bring passengers to other stores along the way to make a commission from store owners if the passengers buy anything. Well, the rickshaw driver responded: "You can't possibly go without stopping at one of the shops!" The volunteers laughed, and were walking away, and the rickshaw driver said, "Well, you don't have to buy anything but you must stop at these shops!" When the volunteers continued walking away, the rickshaw driver realized that they were serious, and so finally he decided to take them for the correct price without stopping at the shops! Many times just being brave and standing up to the rickshaw drivers will avoid unwanted situations, and they really do respond to people with strong wills!  I attached a photo they took while they went to see Qutab Minar a second time while they were in Delhi.

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