Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today volunteers with Aim Abroad went to the local street children school in Delhi NCR. Here the volunteers were giving first aid to the children at the school. Many of the students had cuts and small wounds that were in need of disinfecting and bandaging, but few of the cases were serious. Most of the problems stem from hygiene issues, but the volunteers were teaching the children ways to maintain hygiene and health to prevent the cases in the future. Besides for first aid, the volunteers also went around giving medicine to the children with colds and with stomach pains, which surprisingly many of the children came to school even when they were sick. The volunteers describe that the children in the school are very much unlike children going to school in their home countries in the west. These particular children have a safe place where they are with their loving friends and teachers, and even new friends who are volunteers, while they also learn exciting new things about the world and even are given a meal during the day, a meal which may be the only meal they eat in a day. After the volunteers finished giving medicine to the children, they played with the children after school ended. Some puppies were even nearby in the school, and the children were extremely affectionate with the puppies! It was very warm to see the children having such a wonderful time, and you can really tell just how happy and loving these children are in the pictures!

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