Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maternity Hospital

The medical volunteers with Aim Abroad went to the maternity hospital today. They had the opportunity to observe a C-Section delivery in the operating room, which they described was quite an interesting experience. They arrived just as the patient was entering the operating room, and were able to learn from the entire procedure, from the beginning to the delivery. Once the baby was born, the doctors ran some tests on the baby to check for its health. After they left the operating room, the volunteers went on rounds with the doctors at the medical facility. They finished their volunteer work for the day with the gynecologist in the hospital, and they spoke to her for a few hours to learn about the Indian health care system and to observe a few patients who came into the office. The doctor who runs the ultrasound clinic also came to the gynecologist's office and worked with the volunteers and patients, as she takes the ultrasound of the patients at the hospital. The volunteers then came back to the host family home, where they spent time with the families.

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