Friday, June 4, 2010

Ultrasound Volunteers

A few medical volunteers who are with Aim Abroad went to the ultrasound clinic again today for gaining medical experience. As they had volunteered at the clinic before, they observed many of the routine cases for that clinic, but were now able to differentiate many of the different diagnoses. When the doctor uses the machine, she will examine a point in particular, and ask the volunteers questions, such as "What organ are we observing in the patient? Is there anything noticeable when contrasted to a healthy patient?" With the knowledge they have gained from working at the clinic in the past, the volunteers were able to detect different kidney stones and approximated the sizes. The doctor would also ask the volunteers about the appropriate treatments for each diagnosis, if they are familiar with such cases. When there are fewer patients, the doctor sometimes orders some chai for all of them, and they discuss different cases together. One interesting case for today though, was a patient who had come in for her first ultrasound checkup of her unborn child. The doctor confirmed that after six weeks the baby was healthy and on target for growth. The patient was so happy and left the clinic; afterwards, the doctor revealed to the volunteers that that particular patient had been having fertility problems and was unable to conceive. For the past few months the doctor had been treating the patient, and she finally had success with conception. The volunteers were really intrigued, and really felt that spending a few days at the clinic has already taught them so much regarding medicine and interacting with patients, and they feel very lucky to come and have this opportunity for volunteering with Aim Abroad!

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