Wednesday, June 2, 2010


During the past few days we have been fairly busy at Aim Abroad! We have been teaching our language and culture program to a few volunteers, and have been taking the volunteers to the local temples and teaching about the local traditions that we practice in India. Alongside Indian cooking classes, where we taught the volunteers how to make pakoras, samosas, rotis, puris, upma, and kichree, the volunteers also practiced speaking some of their newly learned Hindi from the language instructor with me and my family. Fluent in English and Hindi, my eight-year old daughter particularly enjoyed helping the volunteers with their Hindi and English, which all of the volunteers thought was adorable! Besides for the language and culture program, we have been working with a local orphanage as well. I have posted two photos of the orphans and some helpers and volunteers with the orphans at the orphanage! The children there are very sweet, and the volunteers have been giving very good feedback about the orphanage and the stay they have had at this orphanage in particular!

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