Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kara Marg

This morning, a few volunteers went to an orphanage for children to spend the day with them. This particular orphanage, Kara Marg, is really great, and all of the volunteers who visit this orphanage and the children there have a wonderful time. The orphanage is in a very rural area, and there is a large building that houses the children, equipped with bathrooms, a kitchen, and extra classrooms for the children to enhance their education outside of school hours. Also, there is a very nice garden and playground area,  where the volunteers went time playing with the children. Some of the children played cricket, and even taught the American volunteers how to play the game! Other volunteers played chess with the children, and others just sat and talked to the children, who had quite impressive English communication skills. Spending time talking to the children, some of the volunteers also picked up a few phrases in Hindi, which surprised me and my family! Located in the rural areas of Delhi NCR, Kara Marg also employs rural women to sew and create clothes, bags, and wallets. The women are paid by the number of items they create, so if they are busy or tired they are not forced into labor. Then, the orphanage sells the items to the West, and with the profits they generate they are able to continue to operate the orphanage for the children. Some of the volunteers also bought the wallets and purses that were made at the orphanage! Afterwards, the volunteers came back to my home and they went to the local markets to buy bangles and get some henna done. They had a really great day, and this evening the volunteers will be spending time with each other and at my home with my family.

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