Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today one of Aim Abroad's medical volunteers went to the ultrasound clinic. In one case, the ultrasound output of one patient revealed that she needed surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. The patient was a bit worried about the procedure, and was asking the doctor about the procedure. The doctor explained that the procedure would be laparoscopic, meaning there would be minimal incisions and the recovery period will be much shorter for the patient. Both the patient and volunteer learned a bit about laparoscopic techniques in general, and, because of the urgency of the case, the patient was able to go and get the surgery that same day at the hospital across the street from the ultrasound clinic. The volunteer also went to the hospital, where he observed the entire procedure as well. He said it was so interesting to see an entire case in one day: The patient had just been diagnosed that day, and a hospital was able to remove the cyst, while he observed the surgery. Luckily for the patient, there were no other patients needing urgent surgery, and the hospital staff could operate on her immediately.

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