Friday, May 28, 2010

Playing Frisbee!

Aim Abroad's volunteers went to the street children school today to teach the children English and to play and interact with them. As the volunteers had been learning some Hindi, they came and said "Namaste" to the children, who all happily replied, "Good Morning!" The teachers and volunteers couldn't help but laugh! Then, the children did their morning exercises, which help teach them discipline. Once they finished their exercises, they split into their groups for the classes. Although most schools differentiate the children by age, this school separates children by abilities: As many of the children don't know their age, the teachers have to give the students a birthdate as an approximation. Some of the students are extremely talented, and able to have conversations in English, while others, at the same age, are still learning the alphabet. As such, the school operates by sorting the children by ability and challenging each student to the best of her or his ability. The volunteers went to each class, and taught English from the basics of writing the alphabet, to reading stories with the children like Alice in Wonderland. During the children's break time, the volunteers tossed a frisbee with the children, and had a really marvelous day! Tonight, some volunteers went to the movies, as they wanted to see a Bollywood film in India! They saw the movie Kites, a Hindi film. Although they couldn't understand the Hindi, the movie was fairly easy to follow, as the volunteers could understand the universal language of love and were able to read body language and facial expressions. They enjoyed the movie, but were most impressed with the quality of the movie theater, which makes theaters in their home countries pale in comparison!

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