Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ambulance Program

Today with Aim Abroad, one medical volunteer went on the ambulance to visit the local temple in Delhi NCR. As today was a Tuesday, there were many many patients coming to the temple, who then were able to receive subsidized medicines and health examinations from the doctors and volunteer. In the photo, the volunteer measured the blood pressure of the patients. Actually high blood pressure is a fairly common health concern among the elderly in India. The doctor at the ambulance project described to a volunteer that one of the common ingredients used in Indian cooking, ghee (clarified butter), can lead to high blood pressure if people are not mindful about using ghee in excess. As ghee is so commonly used in India, many of the elderly people develop blood pressure irregularities. So, at the temple with the ambulance, the doctor explained to our volunteer that almost every patient requires a blood pressure checkup to see the effectiveness of their treatment plan. Before coming to the ambulance today, the volunteer did not know how to measure blood pressure: once the doctor taught him how to properly measure it, he measured the blood pressure of approximately forty patients! After the ambulance left the temple, the medical team went to an ashram for elderly people. The elderly were so warm and welcoming with the medical team, and were very happy to meet them, especially the foreigner! He was able to measure the blood pressure of each person at the ashram (another forty or so patients) and interact with many of the patients. Most Tuesdays the ambulance team visits the ashram after the temple, so we always suggest that our medical volunteers see and work with the ambulance project on a Tuesday.

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