Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Market in Delhi NCR

Today some of the volunteers with Aim Abroad went to one of the major market areas in Delhi NCR. This particular market area has three florists, three bakeries, several toy stores, a few electronic stores, a gym, a post office, and much much more! The volunteers returned from the market, having bought groceries, fresh fruits, some DVDs, Indian bangles and bindis, some western sweets (Oreos and Lindt chocolates), and some clothing (jeans, shirts, and some Indian clothes as well!). One volunteer also got some henna done from the local mehndi waala (henna artist). There is one mehndi waala in the market that always does a really amazing job, and so the volunteer waited until he was able to put the henna on her! She explained what she wanted, and agreed on a price (after bargaining a bit, of course!). Here is a picture of the mehndi before it came off. The mehndi works by utilizing the body heat of the person, and it crusts off from the heat. If you wait longer before picking off the crusted mehndi, the henna will stay on your skin for a bit longer (usually a few days to up to three weeks, if lucky!). We hope hers will stay on longer! It's a superstition in Indian culture that it is good luck if the mehndi stays on you for longer, so we will see her fortune in the coming days!

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