Monday, May 17, 2010

Touring India

Here is a picture taken in Agra: The volunteers reached the Taj Mahal early in the morning to see the sunrise! They took a photo of the first appearance of the Taj Mahal as they first approached the structure.

The volunteers took this photo from one of the two buildings adjacent to the Taj Mahal. When in the building and facing the Taj Mahal, the sunrise can be observed, just as in the picture!

This photo was taken at Qutb Minar in Delhi. The giant brick pillar is the famous Qutb Minar, which is nearby other significant structures in the area.

This other picture taken at Qutb Minar shows one of the earliest mosques still standing in India.

Here, the volunteers went to the Hare Krishna temple in Delhi, called the Iskcon Temple. The picture was taken in the main prayer area.

Next to the Iskcon Temple, is the Lotus Temple, a beautiful temple in Delhi in the shape of a lotus flower. The temple is truly a must-see sight for everyone!

Finally, this picture was taken in Delhi, at Chhattarpoor Temple, a Hindu temple. At Hindu temples, it is a tradition to receive prashaad, as we say in Hindi (coming from "Prasaad," the Sanskrit word). The tradition of prashaad is to offer a sweet or treat to the deities, and after the offering, the deities have blessed the prashaad (some say the deities even have a share of the prashaad!). Now, the person who has prayed and offered prashaad, can enjoy the treat blessed by the deities. Here is a picture of the prashaad enjoyed by one of the volunteers!

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