Friday, May 21, 2010

Street Children

Today the volunteers with Aim Abroad visited the street children school for their volunteering projects. The volunteers talked about their respective countries to the children, played with the children, and helped teach them some English and Mathematics. The children showered the volunteers with their own drawings and art creations, and the children were thrilled to showcase their creativity! One child in particular had such an amazing talent: He had drawn a picture of Gandhi, which looked impressively realistic, especially considering the child could not have been more than ten years old! It is very sad to see the conditions of some of these children though: For example, when one of the volunteers asked the child his age, he replied that he didn't know. Most of the children at the school do not have a recorded birth date or don't have a general idea of their age, so the teachers just give them an estimate for a birthday and age, based on size and developmental growth observed. It really was heartbreaking for the volunteer to see a child with such talent, and yet so little at the same time. After they displayed their art for the volunteers, the school had ended, and the volunteers returned back to their host family's house. One of the volunteers has ended her project with us at Aim Abroad, and will now go sightseeing to several different cities in India before she heads back home, to the US. We hope to see her again soon!