Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Urgent Surgery

Yesterday with AIm Abroad our medical volunteers observed two surgeries at the hospital! The first surgery was a birth, which was performed as a Cesarian section surgery. The next surgery was not planned, as a patient was in need of urgent care. He came running into the hospital screaming in agony, and he explained to the doctors that he had been unable to urinate for almost a week now. The doctors asked him to try to go to the bathroom, while they cleared the operating room to prepare for his surgery/ The man was unable to go to the bathroom, and so the medical team began his surgery. First, the team used a camera and extremely fine blades to reconstruct the man's urethra. The volunteers explained that his urethra was very small, and they watched the blade make incisions through the video camera. When the team finished reconstructing the urethra, they then reached his bladder, which was extremely enlarged. They were able to affix a tube which released the urine, with extreme pressure, and finally, were able to finish the surgery. The volunteers were very impressed with the procedure they had seen, and had learned much about medical surgeries and techniques in just one day. The volunteers who went to teach English also had a positive experience, describing the love and the warmth they felt from being around the underprivileged children, who burst into smiles whenever the volunteers were around! Today the volunteers also went to their respective projects, but there were no surgeries on which to comment. The medical volunteers accompanied the doctors at the hospital when they wen on rounds to check the patients, and a few cases in the out patient department were observed. The volunteers teaching the street children taught some songs to the children, who were ecstatic to sing and play with the volunteers! 

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