Friday, June 11, 2010

Ambulance Project

Some of the volunteers with Aim Abroad went to the ambulance project today! They first visited the headquarters of the ambulance area, where the offices and management of the ambulance program is run. After meeting with the workers at the facility, the volunteers went in the ambulance with the driver and workers, and then visited some rural places in Delhi NCR. The first neighborhood they visited was an area that is mostly populated by refugees from Pakistan, who moved after the partition between India and Pakistan. This charity ambulance particularly offers free services to elderly people, and all of the patients coming to the ambulance were around sixty years old, but some were older still. The patients had a really enriching experience spending time with the volunteers, as they helped them with sitting, standing, taking blood pressures (which they learned how to measure today for the first time), and just sharing some kind words between each other. Some patients had very limited English communication, while others greatly impressed the volunteers with their skill with the language! After they visited this neighborhood, they went to two other neighborhoods in the area, but didn't know the neighborhoods in particular to describe to me, as they are not very familiar with Delhi NCR. The patients in these neighborhoods though were very similar, with respect to demographics and age, as the patients they encountered at the refugee area. The volunteers describe that they had a very eventful day, and look forward to visiting other volunteering projects while they are volunteering here in Delhi NCR!

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  1. This sounds amazing I am very much looking forward to a similar experience when I arrive! :)