Monday, June 21, 2010

Volunteering in the Nursery

The volunteers with Aim Abroad went to the pediatric hospital in Delhi NCR today. The volunteers were interested in helping the infants in the nursery: they describe that these infants were extremely weak and needed all of their assistance and time. When they arrived at the hospital, the volunteers went to the nursery where they met the team of doctors who were on rounds, as they begin their rounds with the infants. Once the doctors finished rounds in the nursery, the volunteers stayed with the women who work in the nursery and helped feed the babies and administer any required treatments for the babies. The volunteers were quite intrigued by how entire families would wait together outside of the nursery for the doctor or volunteers to give updates on the status of the babies. After the day ended, the volunteers came back to the host family house together, where they spent time relaxing and lounging around. In the evening, the volunteers went to the famous market in the neighborhood, and will be coming back to the host family homes soon.

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