Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Volunteering Projects

Today many volunteers split into several groups for their volunteering projects! In the morning, two volunteers from the US went to the Ultrasound Clinic where they saw several cases of kidney stones and stomach infections, and several healthy pregnancies as well. Three volunteers from England visited a local Charity Hospital in Delhi NCR where they saw many different patients with varied diseases from colds to relatively extinct diseases such as diphtheria! Two more volunteers, one from England and the other from the US, went to the pediatric hospital where they helped take measurements with the doctors and assisted the babies in the nursery. Additionally, three volunteers, from the US, volunteered at the street children school where they continued teaching the children English grammar. Finally, one volunteer from Spain and another from England visited a local girl's orphanage for the day where they helped the orphanage staff and spent most of the day interacting with the orphans. Now, the volunteers are back with the host families, and are ready for another exciting day of volunteering tomorrow. Several of the volunteers are leaving tonight and tomorrow morning to go back home, and the children and projects are sad to see them leave, but know that the volunteers will be back in India soon after having such a wonderful time with Aim Abroad and at the volunteering projects.

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