Monday, July 5, 2010

Street Children School

The volunteers with Aim Abroad went to the street children project today. At the first area of the school, there were about sixty children, instead of the regular 100-200 children that come in the winter. At the moment, it is sowing season in India, and many of the street children who have relatives in farms have probably gone to the farms to help with the work. Also, because of the heat (around 40˚C or 100˚F), many of the children stop coming to the project until the weather is more favorable. In any case, the volunteers practiced their new-learned Hindi with the students and teachers, and also taught important English grammar concepts to the children. Two of the volunteers, one from the US and one from Spain, also taught the children Red Light/Green Light, which the children loved. Although they described that there was a language barrier at first, they were able to communicate how to play the game to the children and they all played correctly! They did depict one funny image though! During the last game of Red Light/Green Light, two children touched the "street light" at the same time: To decide who would win, one volunteer figured they should play "Rock Paper Scissors" (or "Patthar, Paper, Kanchee"). Well, all of the children ended up learning a second game instead, and there was no time for the children to play Red Light/Green Light in the end! Other than the two volunteers who played games with the children and one volunteer who focused on teaching songs and English grammar to the children, another volunteer taught the children coloring and art, which the children really enjoyed as well. Look at some of their art!

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