Monday, April 19, 2010

Women's Empowerment Project

Some of Aim Abroad's volunteers were working at a women's empowerment project today. This project helps support women in a self-sustaining way: They purchase raw materials to make bags, clothes, and jewelry, and local women come to these projects to make the products. The project then can give commissions to the women for their work, and purchase more materials to continue to offer jobs to the women. Usually, for clothing and bags, the materials are recycled, and the project is very green. Besides for helping women earn money, this program also has several schools in local areas for rural women, impoverished women, and even girls who are orphans. The program is really great, and our volunteers always have a great time helping out at these programs. Usually helping with English communication, the volunteers also help the women sell their merchandise and assist teaching classes in the schools.

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