Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ultrasound Clinic Case

Today at the ultrasound clinic the volunteers saw a few interesting cases. Most of the patients had kidney stones and abdominal pains, and some checked on the status of their pregnancies. The volunteers saw the doctor use the ultrasound machine to check blood flow in the fetus, and the machine could even reproduce the sound of the pulse in the important developmental arteries. Most of the babies were fine, but one case was very sad. The patient was eight months pregnant, and, looking at the ultrasound from the neck down, the fetus was fairly healthy, as the organs, vitals, and digits were formed properly; however, the fetus' head was missing: From the neck up, the baby had not formed. The patient had not had an ultrasound of her baby during her entire eight-month pregnancy. The patient had to deliver the fetus. These cases are very sad and unfortunate, but we need people to bring awareness to those in need of health care that they absolutely must check on their pregnancies as early as possible. I hope that with more volunteers, we can raise awareness of health needs, and encourage many to seek the care they need.

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