Friday, April 16, 2010

Donations to the Projects

The other day some volunteers with Aim Abroad donated some wonderful supplies to the street children school! One volunteer donated many medicines, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and first-aid supplies. Another volunteer donated enough shoes for one pair per child! He also donated some school supplies for the school, such as coloring books, English workbooks, games, puzzles, and art supplies. A group of three volunteers donated some school-bags for the children and some uniforms for the new students without uniforms! Another volunteer donated socks for the children, and each child received a pair, with enough extras to last the school a few years!

My husband and I have donated many medicines and medical supplies to the school as well, along with toys and games for the children. One of the volunteer teachers who works at the school also made a donation for the school: Her children are privileged and are aware of the conditions for the children who go to the school. So, as a birthday wish, instead of asking for a toy, her son (age 6) wanted to give the children at her school pencils, erasers, and candy! So her two children and niece came to the school and donated these gifts. It was so cute and heartwarming to see these little children wanting to give to the community.

Although these supplies are wonderful, the most important gift we can give these children is our time. This school began with the coordinator: She went to a park nearby her house and started teaching some of the children nearby. The school has grown immensely since, and now they teach over 200 children! There are several teachers who are employed by the school, as the donations from the community and government subsidies (very small subsidies, but every little bit helps), help cover costs for running the program, including offering the teachers salaries. Most of the teachers at the school actually started as students in the program, and many years later they are able to help children of similar backgrounds. Earlier, the school was unable to afford to offer these teachers salaries, but they are proudly able to help them out now as well.

The same teacher whose children gave presents away also has an interesting story. She explained to a few of the volunteers that she walked by the park one day and wanted to donate something to the cause. The coordinator explained that the children do have several material needs, and she could list them, but what the children need more is her time. Since then, the teacher began volunteering at the school every day, and this experience has changed her life in a way she couldn't believe. This school's story is truly inspirational.

The volunteer who donated shoes was unable to distribute the shoes, but I have posted a picture of one of the volunteers helping distribute and fit the shoes to the children. Even finding the time to distribute the shoes was a big help for the school. It is our wish that many more will come and donate their time with these kids.

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