Thursday, April 15, 2010

Volunteer Story

One volunteer with Aim Abroad went to a nearby orphanage in Delhi NCR for two weeks and recently finished his project. At the orphanage, this volunteer was able to make something incredible happen for one of the orphans (a young man of 17 years). He was speaking to the orphan, and the orphan explained to the volunteer that he had come from a middle class family in a nearby state, Uttar Pradesh, and had run away from home. The volunteer asked the young man, why he had run away, and he replied that he had been involved in drugs and gangs back home, and he was so ashamed of his past that he decided to run away, so as not to shame his family. Well, the volunteer spent much time with the young man, and eventually he convinced him to call his parents. Before the volunteer's two week stay at the orphanage ended, the young man's parents came to the orphanage to pick him up. He went home and happily reconnected with his family. We were so happy to hear that the volunteer was able to reunite a broken family.

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