Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Children and their Art

Some of the underprivileged children at our local school in Delhi NCR are very very talented in art! As I mentioned before, one volunteer, a graphic designer in the US, started to teach some art classes at the local school, and the children made beautiful sketches! These children have never had any formal training in the field, and we would like to offer the best possible for these children! The children started to learn some designing skills on a computer, but unfortunately, the children do not have access to electricity during school, as the school does not have any real facilities. The school is looking for funding to afford electricity and running water in their school facility: but the children themselves are helping with the funding as well! The program coordinator takes several of the drawings and creates calendars, bookmarks, greeting cards, etc. and gives them away to raise awareness of the school and its wonderful children. Some of our volunteers have donated supplies or have made donations to the school in exchange for the calendars, greeting cards, and bookmarks. The volunteers will donate these back in their countries and try to raise funds for the school! These children really deserve an education, which they are receiving, but we hope to make their academic process more comfortable, by having, what would be luxuries to them, such as running water and electricity.

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