Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ambulance Project

Today, a Tuesday, is a very exciting day to volunteer with the medical ambulance project, while with Aim Abroad! The volunteers went to the ambulance headquarters, where they met the people who drive the ambulance and distribute medicines to the people in rural areas. On Tuesdays, the ambulance visits a temple in a village in Delhi NCR. Tuesdays are an important day in Hinduism, and most meat and alcohol shops are closed on Tuesdays. So, on this day, more people will go to temples, which is why the ambulance visits the temple on Tuesdays. When the volunteers arrived at the temple, they had the choice to stay in the ambulance and distribute the medicines, or to help the doctors evaluate patients just outside the ambulance. The volunteers, today, decided to work with the doctors, as they had some background with pharmacology. Usually, when working with the doctors, our volunteers will take blood pressures of patients (the doctors teach how to do so if the volunteers are not familiar with the process) and assist the doctors with their work. If the volunteers have a background with pharmacology, as today's volunteers did, then the work is always more interesting, as they can discuss with the doctors the different medicines that are helpful and come up with a treatment plan for the patients. The volunteers described that they had a very interesting day, and learned so much about medicine as they practiced with the medical ambulance.

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