Friday, April 9, 2010


Some volunteers with Aim Abroad went on a short trip to Amritsar this past weekend! Most notably, they went to the Golden Temple and Wagah Border, among other places, while there. Describing the Golden Temple as spectacular, the volunteers only had wonderful things to say about their trip. They even preferred the Golden Temple to the Taj Mahal! They explain that the Taj Mahal is wonderful, but it is just a building; whereas the Golden Temple feels like the Temple itself is alive, since there is so much energy always around the Temple! At any hour, the Golden Temple will be like this, so full of spirit. The volunteers stayed in the travelers quarters of the Golden Temple, where many western people are welcome to stay free of charge, with a bathroom, beds, and food all inclusive. The border was also an interesting site. The volunteers saw the border patrol ceremony, where guards from India and Pakistan do the ceremony each day. The people on either side of the border were so proud of their countries, and it really showed! With Aim Abroad, we always help volunteers organize trips in India for weekends when they are not volunteering. We have helped people go to many cities around India, and are always happy to help and hear about their wonderful trips!

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