Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spanish Volunteers and New Orphanage Plans!

Yesterday another volunteer from Spain has arrived here in Delhi NCR to help the needy here! Before coming, she emailed another previous volunteer from Spain, who was recently with us, and she decided to join the program and make a difference with us! She is a nurse back home, in Vitoria Spain, and today she has gone to volunteer at the ambulance project, Help Age India, with another volunteer from the UK. Another volunteer from Spain, an acquaintance of hers, who is also a nurse, will be arriving to volunteer with her in just a few days as well!

Otherwise, one volunteer from Canada and another from the UK have gone to a nearby public school to teach the children English, play with the children in the nursery, and paint and color with several of the classes. The volunteers at the women's empowerment and street children programs have been enjoying their stay with their new host family and new project assignments. Also, we are interested in starting a new orphanage this month, if we are able to fund the project! We have very exciting and promising plans, and we will post more information as time passes. Here is a photo of five of the six children at our orphanage, as they got ready to go out to the park with the volunteers the other day!


  1. It would be nice to read some testimonials from current (or former) volunteers. Would this be possible?

  2. If you would like any testimonials from current or former volunteers, please email us at info.aimabroad@gmail.com, and request for any emails of our volunteers. After speaking to volunteers, if they are comfortable with us sending you their email information, we will connect you with one another so that you can ask any questions about the program that you may have. Please feel free to email us, as we are always happy to answer anyone's questions!