Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snake Charmer and Helpful Volunteers

One of the volunteers from Miami, who has been with us for five months, went with my daughter today for a parent and teacher conference: The volunteers very frequently become very attached to my family, as we welcome everyone as a member of our family, and the volunteer and my daughter had a nice day this morning together. The volunteer has been helping out at our orphanage, and he has really been connecting with the children and helping us with all of his volunteer work! We are always so grateful to have such wonderful volunteers come from around the world and help us with our mission to help the less fortunate. Tonight, another volunteer from the US, who frequently comes to India to support our social programs, will be arriving. We are very excited to see her after so many months, and we look forward to her meeting the children at the orphanage, which she helped us start. Other volunteers have been continuing their volunteering projects elsewhere, and many volunteers are taking the opportunity of the weekend to travel: Some volunteers will be in central Delhi, while others are going to Varanasi before heading to Goa. A group of other volunteers are currently in Jaipur as well. By Monday, most of the volunteers will be back from their travels to continue their work at the plethora of volunteering projects we have here. We look forward to hearing about each volunteer's trip! Also, here is a photo taken in central Delhi when some volunteers went to a restaurant and saw a snake charmer outside of the restaurant!

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